Our aims

Our first aim is to tell you something useful, rather than sound as
if we are trying to save the world. So, the first thing we do is to see
 you as soon as possible, find out what you want and how we can
help you. If, for some reason, we cannot help - we don't do Legal Aid work
for example - we will tell you straightaway.

In most cases, we can help and we will advise on how best to get what you want and
 agree on how we will do the work. At this stage we will either agree a fixed fee, or
agree the method of charging and give you an estimate of the likely costs involved.

We will try to keep everything as simple as possible and explain what is going on. If here is an aspect of the work that you can do yourself, then we will tell you. Above all, we try to be as efficient and as cost effective as possible. We try to be personal and flexible on all matters, so although we will sometimes insist on doing things in a certain order, you won't find us slavishily working off a procedure sheet.

In short, we are rather less arrogant than some of our competitors and, above all, if we make a mistake we'll admit to it right away and see how we can put it right. When did you see that before in solicitors's advertising?

Yes, you're right - we are that little bit different
Our aims
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